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Research Travel Award: Study Software Preservation and Emulation in
Libraries, Archives in Museums


The Fostering a Community of Practice: Software Preservation and Emulation
Experts in Libraries and Archives (FCoP) [IMLS grant RE-95-17-0058-17]
project is calling for FCoP Research Travel Award applications
from October 24, 2018 - December 5, 2018.

Research undertaken using the FCoP Travel Award will take place at two of
the six FCoP project sites: University of Arizona
<http://www.softwarepreservationnetwork.org/fcop/#fcop-team4>, Guggenheim
Museum <http://www.softwarepreservationnetwork.org/fcop/#fcop-team2>,
of Virginia <http://www.softwarepreservationnetwork.org/fcop/#fcop-team1>,
of Illinois <http://www.softwarepreservationnetwork.org/fcop/#fcop-team6>,
Computers: Museum + Labs
<http://www.softwarepreservationnetwork.org/fcop/#fcop-team5>, Georgia Tech
University <http://www.softwarepreservationnetwork.org/fcop/#fcop-team3>.
Research outcomes are expected to complement the efforts of the FCoP
project, and the Software Preservation Network
<http://www.softwarepreservationnetwork.org/about/> more broadly, which
seeks to bring software preservation into mainstream digital preservation
practice (addressing specific legal, metadata and technical preservation
and access challenges).


In complement to research-in-practice currently underway by members of the
FCoP cohort, the FCoP Research Travel Award will fund an academic
researcher (doctoral students, post-docs or junior faculty/pre-tenure
faculty) to travel up to four times (two visits each to two different
project sites - once earlier in their project timeline and once closer to
completion of their projects) in order to observe and document different
organizational approaches to software preservation and emulation. The
researcher will be expected to submit at least two peer-reviewed open
access journal articles before May 2020.

Important practice-based questions driving the creation of the FCoP
Research Travel Award include:


   How are the outcomes of local problem solving, policy development and
   changes to practice translated to shifts reflected in discussions between
   cohort members?

      How do these outcomes help us to focus the field on areas of activity
      that would benefit the most from collective action?

   How does each organization translate system-level activity into their
   local context?

      Where are their major gaps in the translation of more general tools
      and outcomes in local organizational contexts?

   What types of data are more or less comparable across organizational

      Where else can we look to understand the relationship between local
      and field-level changes to practice?

      How does the available data limit our understanding of which
      strategies are most effective for broadening participation in software

Given these practice-based questions, we invite scholars from information
studies, sociology, law, sociotechnical systems/science and technology
studies, communication studies, public policy, economics, organizational
studies, and related fields to apply for the award. In particular, the FCoP
team is looking for proposed research that advances understanding of
practice through the lens of one or more of the following research areas:
Standards Development and Sociology of Standards; Information
Infrastructure; Capacity Building and Economic Sustainability of Public
Institutions;  Cross-institutional and Cross-sector Alignment (Collective
Impact); Information and Technology Policy; Legal Advocacy for Cultural
Institutions; and Social Impact of Public/Private Partnerships. Any
research resulting from the travel award should aim to build stronger
theory and empirical evidence in at least one of these areas.

Regardless of the applicant’s scholarly/discursive community, researchers
will be asked to explicitly address the ways in which their research
methods speak to the goals of “participatory action research” in their

Selection for the/Benefits of the FCoP Research Travel Award includes:


   $5,000 travel award to be used primarily for airfare, hotel
   accommodations, ground transportation and travel per diem. If, after
   completing their research site visits, the researcher’s travel costs are
   below the $5,000 allotted, additional uses including conference
   registration costs and publication costs may be considered.

   Direct access to FCoP Cohort members for interviews and observation

   Access to Software Preservation Network community resources

   Action research opportunity that has the potential to make a significant
   impact on cultural stewardship practice

All FCoP Research Travel Award applications must include:


   Research Statement

      How does the fellowship fit into your research agenda

      How will you bring your research interests and skills to bear on the
      intended practical outcomes of the project

      1-3 well-defined research questions that could be answered in the
      scope of this research travel award

   CV from the Applicant

   2 Letters of Recommendation


>From October 24 to December 5, 2018 the FCoP Project Staff for the FCoP
Research Travel Award


For more details about the FCoP project, check out the project website:
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