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Friends - 

I’m writing to draw your attention to our SIGCIS Travel Award program.  

First, I invite you to join me in celebrating the winners for 2018, who are now listed on the SIGCIS website at https://www.sigcis.org/travelaward <https://www.sigcis.org/travelaward>.  The breadth and depth of their work is a source of inspiration for us. It’s a delight to see the names of this year’s travel award winners listed alongside awardees from the past 10 years - all of these names and paper titles are notable highlights in the collective memory of SIGCIS.

This year’s winners are:
Computer History Museum Travel Award: Whitney Pow, Northwestern University, for "Documented, Documenting: Unearthing Transgender Subjectivity in the Computer Operating System"
Computer History Museum Travel Award: Alana Staiti, Cornell University, for "The Material Cultures of Digitization: Lights, Cameras, Stone, Plastic, and Other Unexpected Treasures in Rapid, Non-contact Laser Scanning Research, 1977-1994"
Computer History Museum Travel Award: Alberto Jorge Silva de Lima, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, for "Constructed Memories, Promises of Autonomy and the Histories of the National Informatics Policy (70s and 90s) and the Free Software Fostering Policy (2003-2016) in Brazil"
Michael S. Mahoney Travel Award: Elisabetta Mori, Middlesex University, for "From Academia to Business: The Case of EDSAC and LEO"
Michael S. Mahoney Travel Award: Jeffrey Moro, University of Maryland, College Park, for "Want of Water, Want of Data: The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database and Oceanic Computing"
Michael S. Mahoney Travel Award: Marc Aidinoff, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, for "Jefferson's Ghost: Accessing the Internet's Haunted Memory"
MIT Press Travel Award: Will Lockett, New York University, for "Archeology of the Toposcope"
MIT Press Travel Award: Emma Catherine Perry, University of Georgia, for "Initial Reference, Attribution and Institutional Memory in the Age of ARPANET"
Second, I am writing to thank our members who continue to support the SIGCIS Travel Awards. 
	- We are especially grateful to Len Shustek of the Computer History Museum, who once again made a personal donation that supports the CHM Travel Award.  
	- We also are indebted to Katie Helke and her team at MIT Press, who once again donated 10 books from their catalog that generated a sizable return for us thanks to some competitive bidding at the SIGCIS auction at our Friday lunch.  
	- We are once again overwhelmed by the generosity of our members at the St. Louis meeting, who a) donate books, b) bid on books at the auction, c) put money into a cup at the Friday lunch, and d) put money into Laine’s hat at the start of the Sunday SIGCIS conference.  100% of these donations go directly to the travel awards that I mentioned above, and enable us to award travel funds that honor the memory of Michael S. Mahoney.

Third, and finally, I imagine that many of you who did not attend SIGCIS also would be willing to donate money to support this cause.  I would encourage you to do so, especially in light of the fact that next year’s meeting will be in Milan, Italy, which will elevate travel costs for a significant number of our graduate student members who live in North America.  SHOT members can donate to SIGCIS using the online form available from https://www.historyoftechnology.org/membership/contribute-to-shot/ <https://www.historyoftechnology.org/membership/contribute-to-shot/>.  If you’re not a SHOT member, we would nevertheless welcome your donation - please get in touch with me, SIGCIS Treasurer Con Diaz <condiaz at ucdavis.edu <mailto:condiaz at ucdavis.edu>>, or SHOT Treasurer Richard Hirsh, whose contact information is on the aforementioned SHOT website.

As always, the officers of SIGCIS welcome your feedback, suggestions, tweets, and so on.  Please keep in touch!  Before long we’ll have some news about our plans for Milan in 2019.

Best regards,

Andy Russell 
https://www.sigcis.org/about_values <https://www.sigcis.org/about_values>

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