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Joy (and all)--

I am appalled by what you've been through and I want to commend you on your honesty and strength. As Barbara notes, accounts like this are a critical part of our history as a field, as a discipline, and as a (highly imperfect) knowledge-producing endeavor. Thank you for all the work you have done, including your pathbreaking book. I am sorry we couldn't make things work out better. But I look forward to your future work--whatever form that may take--because you have an insightful, courageous voice, and the way you use it enriches us all. 

Thank you.



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Programmed Inequality: How Britain Discarded Women Technologists and Lost Its Edge in Computing

On Nov 28, 2018, at 2:35 PM, Barbara B Walker <bbwalker at unr.edu> wrote:

Dear Joy,
Thank you for writing out this important piece of professional and institutional history, painful though it must be to relive these experiences and to share them. It is a valuable read because of its thoughtful exploration of the context and implications of the very disturbing events in your recent professional life.
Sending warmest regards and support, Barbara
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Hello SIGCIS Colleagues,
First, thank you for your many on- and off-list messages of congratulations and support for my book. I deeply appreciate them, especially in the context of what I'm about to share.
Those of you who were on the list last spring saw my work savaged by a man named Brian Dear. Even then, I received on- and off-list messages of support for my scholarship. But what happened publicly was only one piece of a terrible, terrible year. 
Here is a fuller picture: https://medium.com/@drjoy/why-im-firing-michigan-state-sexual-harassment-online-harassment-and-utter-institutional-6663a6bde68e
SIGCIS as an organization did the right thing, and for that, I'm grateful.
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