[SIGCIS-Members] Cray 1 serial number 01 being put together on Facebook Live at SC 2018

Irish, Sharon Lee slirish at illinois.edu
Sat Nov 17 14:24:17 PST 2018

Editor’s note: I cropped the image and reduced its size because the file was too big for the list. ~ Sharon Irish


Please let me offer this image from the Cray-1 that was on display at SC18 in Dallas last week, an image taken when it was disassembled.  It is a closeup of the manufacturer tags showing it to be a Cray-1B serial number 1.  Hopefully it helps to confirm this one small detail.  Also, let me note that this machine garnered much attention from many of the 13,000 SC18 attendees.  Cheers,

Dana Freiburger, Graduate Student Researcher,  SC18 30th Anniversary Committee
Doctoral Candidate, History of Science Program, University of Wisconsin-Madison
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