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Dear colleagues,

The 9th Conference of the 'Tensions of Europe: Research Network on History, Technology, Europe' has a special theme that i svery relevant to the history of computing: Decoding Europe: Technological Pasts in teh Digital Age'. Proposals are expected (by November the 15th) on topics that include the following:

 The history of computerisation and digitisation in Europe ・ Continuity and change between the analog and digital eras
● Computerisation and digitisation in specific fields, industries and sectors
● The history of robotics, automation, artificial intelligence in Europe, etc.
● The history of data (data histories, historicising big data, etc.)
● Critical perspectives on the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”
● The influence of US trajectories and alternative European visions
● Digitised and born-digital material culture in European history
● Heritagisation of Europe in the digital age
● Digital tools and methods for analysing historical datasets/digital sources
● New digital narratives and teaching methods in history of technology/European history
● General topics on the ToE research agenda

For information about the conference, see https://www.tensionsofeurope.eu/2018/09/23/call-for-papers-the-9th-tensions-of-europe-conference-27-30-june-2019-university-of-luxembourg-luxembourg/

For Tensions of Europe, see https://www.tensionsofeurope.eu/

For those who haven't heard about Tensions of Europe in the past, I am attaching its most recent newsletter. (too large to include ~Editor)

Aristotle (Telly) Tympas

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