[SIGCIS-Members] Bloomberg: "Bird Races to Become the First Scooter Unicorn"

Thomas Haigh thomas.haigh at gmail.com
Tue May 29 15:15:28 PDT 2018

Picking back up on a SIGCIS thread from a few years ago, on the history of
"unicorn" as an odd term to apply to a tech company, I just saw this amazing
headline "Bird Races to Become the First Scooter Unicorn" on Bloomberg.com.
oter-company-bird-at-1-billion I am going to look for a way to work it into
something I write, and perhaps in a few years it will earn its proper place
as a distillation of our historic moment not unlike "Peace in Our Time" or
"Dewey Defeats Truman." 


Beyond the whole idea of rival billion-dollar scooter companies, I now can't
stop thinking about a bird chasing a unicorn riding a scooter. Or maybe the
bird is on a scooter, trying to catch up to a galloping unicorn as it
approaches a checkered flag. Or the bird might be hovering over a cauldron,
trying to turn itself into a scootering unicorn via a hurriedly cast spell
of transformation. There are so many possible readings.


I know this is somewhat tangential to list business, but I just couldn't
resist sharing it given the growing sense of doom hovering over most other
news stories, including the global financial turmoil I visited Bloomberg to
check on.


Best wishes,





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