[SIGCIS-Members] Reminder: SIGCIS Community Values and Acceptable Use Policy

Irish, Sharon Lee slirish at illinois.edu
Fri May 11 15:37:32 PDT 2018

Dear listserv members,
After a three-month pause in 2017, you may recall that we re-opened the SIGCIS listserv in September of 2017. At that time we indicated that we would send out the Acceptable Use Policy and the Statement of Community Values on an occasional basis as reminders of our commitments.
SIGCIS officers put considerable time and substantial thought into these documents and we’d like to share them with you again.

The Statement of Community Values is on the About page of the sigcis.org site, https://www.sigcis.org/about_values
The Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is also on the sigcis.org site https://www.sigcis.org/aup; we will revisit these policies, as needed.

We, the volunteer moderators, use this AUP as our guide to manage the listserv; any response to messages is post-facto.
If you, dear members, want to call our attention to a post, you may do so by emailing us at members-owner at lists.sigcis.org<mailto:members-owner at lists.sigcis.org>.

A description of the Moderator Responsibilities and Guidelines, as well as contact information for each of us, is posted at https://www.sigcis.org/listserv
We would welcome more moderators, and invite you to send a note of interest or questions to any of us.

We believe that this mailing list is functioning well again, for all of us.

Best wishes,
Sharon Irish
Bill McMillan
Janet Toland
Barbara Walker
The current moderators
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