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Ceruzzi, Paul CeruzziP at si.edu
Tue Mar 27 09:28:45 PDT 2018

I believe that one is allowed to do a modest amount of self-promotion on this Listserv. If so, I will let you know that tomorrow, Wednesday, at 12:30 PM ET (1630 GMT) I will be doing a "Facebook Live" presentation on the work of Margaret Hamilton, one of the programmers of the Apollo Guidance Computer, and now a Lego Action Figure. You've probably all seen that famous photo of her standing next to a pile of computer print-out. We collected some of the binders 25 years ago, and I hope to explain a little about what's printed on those pages. The material is now at our Archives in Chantilly, Virginia.

I am not Facebook-savvy, but I assume you go to the  "National Air and Space Museum Smithsonian Institution" page at 12:30 tomorrow, and it should come up. You will also see that on Saturday we are having an event to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the screening of "2001, a Space Odyssey." I hope to have some posts to Facebook or the NASM blog about HAL, my favorite computer.

I am aware that the timing for this is not the best, but we scheduled this months ago, long before the recent Facebook mess happened. The irony is that Tom & I had a discussion about Facebook not long ago, where I predicted that something like this was going to happen (did I get that right Tom?) My feelings about Facebook & Twitter will have to wait for a separate post.

Paul Ceruzzi
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