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Wed Mar 14 07:30:06 PDT 2018

Dear Gerard, colleagues,

Thank you very much for posting the news about the publication of the
book, and for your kind words.


Dear colleagues,
Aristotle Tympas' long awaited book is out now: Calculation and Computation in the
Pre-electronic Era
The Mechanical and Electrical
The book offers an introduction to the history of computing
during the ‘first’ (of steam) and the ‘second’ (of electricity) industrial
revolution. It brakes away from the
idea that the history of
computing before the second half of the 20th century was unimportant. In
fact the Industrial Revolution was made possible and even sustained by a
parallel revolution in computing technology. An examination and
historiographical assessment of key developments helps to show how the era
of modern electronic computing proceeded from a continual computing
revolution that had arisen during the mechanical and the electrical
To quote David Mindells praise:

"In this
fascinating, original work, Tympas indispensably intertwines the histories
of analog and digital computing, showing them to be inseparable from the
evolution of social and economic conditions. "


Please inspect the Springer page for our series:
The previous two volumes in the series by Bill Aspray
were not announced to the SIGCIS list. Allow me to just mention them
William Aspray,
Women and Underrepresented Minorities
in Computing;
A Historical and Social
Examines the highly neglected
subject of race in the history of science and technology

William Aspray, Participation
in Computing;
The National Science
Foundation’s Expansionary Programs
Examines the unexplored history of
the NSF, an important player in US computer history
Further volumes to come in 2018
PLUS we are about to launch a new series SpringerBriefs in History of
Computing (http://www.springer.com/series/15184)
Best wishes from Amsterdam in spring: only last week
the ice on the canals allowed skating.
Gerard Alberts

Aristotle Tympas
Associate Professor 
of Philosophy and History of Science
School of Science
National and
Kapodistrian University of

tympas at phs.uoa.gr

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