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Of likely interest to the readership of this list, a special issue of First
Monday on gender and digital labor, edited by Carolyn Eldering and Roopika
Risam, with Radhika Gajjala.

A table of contents is included below, but the entire issue can be accessed

Table of Contents
Introduction: A gathering of feminist perspectives on digital labor
Carolyn Elerding,       Roopika Risam

Laundering women's history: A feminist critique of the social factory
Kylie Jarrett

Home inspection: Mina Rees and the national computing infrastructure
Elizabeth Losh

Digital detritus: 'Error' and the logic of opacity in social media content
Sarah T. Roberts

Data is airborne; Data is inborn: The labor of the body in technoecologies
M?l Hogan

Diversity work and digital carework in higher education
Roopika Risam

The digital labor of queering feminist Web TV
Carolyn Elerding


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