[SIGCIS-Members] Frank Heart, RIP

Dave Walden dave.walden.family at gmail.com
Sun Jun 24 12:30:12 PDT 2018

Frank Heart has died.  Among the many accomplishments in his career, he led
the team that developed the ARPANET IMP at BBN.  Frank went to MIT to study
power engineering but the early digital computing course taught by Gordon
Welchman led Frank to switch to digital computing. He worked on Whirlwind
and joined MIT's Lincoln Lab where he sought out digital applications for
computers. Among the life long friends Frank made at Lincoln were Ed
Fredkin and Wes Clark.  In 1966 Frank was recruited to BBN by Danny Bobrow
and Dick Bolt.  He remained at BBN until 1994, retiring as president of
BBN's research and development activities. Frank's health had been slowly
failing over the past few years.  I doubt BBN would have been awarded the
IMP development contract if BBN had not put Frank forward as project
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