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James Cortada jcortada at umn.edu
Sun Jul 22 11:17:00 PDT 2018

I have donated to the Hagley Museum and Library the bulk of my books about
computing and since I had donated a large number to the University of
Minnesota (CBI) in 2009 I wanted to explain why I did that.  In the
intervening years since 2009, the library at the University of Minnesota
decided to allocate its remaining space more to archival materials rather
than to large book collections.  The Hagley had room for the books and its
collecting strategy dovetailed neatly with mine.  CBI and the University of
Minnesota Library eagerly welcome new archival materials dealing with IT,
as we saw recently with the massive acquisition of Jean Sammet's papers.  I
intend to continue donating my notes and other archival materials to CBI as
I complete future book projects.  My current project is a large history of
IBM, to be published by MIT Press early next year.

For a brief description of what I deposited at the Hagley see

James W. Cortada
Senior Research Fellow
Charles Babbage Institute
University of Minnesota
jcortada at umn.edu
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