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There was an article in the Annals by Bill Aspray about (early?) courses at MIT, if I remember correctly. The MIT archive has the class-by-class course notes for the first course on digital computing at MIT, taught by Gordon Welsh. 

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Dear Colleagues,  

I am working on an article and I would like to learn about history of computing classes, particularly at the undergraduate level. Does anyone have details on when and where these kinds of courses were first offered? Are there any that are particularly well-known for whatever reason?

If you have a syllabus from a particular course, especially before 2005, I would greatly appreciate a copy. 

On- or off-list replies are welcome.

Chris Leslie 

Fulbright Lecturer. South China University of Technology 

Chair, IFIP Working Group 9.7: History of Computing (http://ifipwg97.org)

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