[SIGCIS-Members] Query on NCR history, particularly NCR 315

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I have promised to pass on this query I received from a non-member of the
list. Please respond to him directly. His message is below. I already
mentioned the obvious sources on NCR: the multivolume anniversary history
from the 1980s, Ally's _My Half Century at NCR_ and the book co-authored by
Burke on its wartime Bombes. Tom.


QUERY FOLLOWS (reply directly to jawinders at hotmail.com
<mailto:jawinders at hotmail.com> )


My name is Jason Winders, a sport historian in London, Ont. I am seeking a
bit of direction from you on a book I am currently working on about the
early origins of sport simulations using computers.


In the late 1960s, Miami radio executive Murry Woroner decided to pit the
greatest Heavyweight fighters of all time against one another in a unique
tournament that culminated in Rocky Marciano squaring off against Muhammad
Ali in 1969. Despite wildly popular radio broadcasts, and a final
pay-per-view event watched by millions in theaters around the globe, not a
single competitive punch was ever thrown in inside a ring during the
tournament, instead, every jab, hook and uppercut took place within an


I am looking to connect with an NCR historian who can speak to me about the
creation, life, evolution and overall significance of the NCR-315. Thought I
would come by the site and see if any names popped to the mind. Any help you
can offer would be greatly appreciated.

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