[SIGCIS-Members] Request for Information Table

James Cortada jcortada at umn.edu
Wed Dec 26 11:10:11 PST 2018

Does anyone have a table or chart that lists the introductory dates of the
various consumer goods that had digital components, say from Microwave
ovens from the 1970s, through digital watches, PCs, cameras to cell phones
AND that also have data on when x percent of consumers had these, e.g., 50%
of consumers had a PC by 19xx?  I can even partial lists of introductions
and/percents of appropriation.

I am trying to understand rates of adoption (i.e., diffusion of consumer
digital technologies).  US data is ideal, but I'll take it for any
country.  Thanks.

James W. Cortada
Senior Research Fellow
Charles Babbage Institute
University of Minnesota
jcortada at umn.edu
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