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Marc, the first asyncronous group communication on the arpa network was
EMISARI (Emergency Management
Information System And Reference Index)  in 1971 to handle the wage
price freeze.  See the network nation: human communication via computers,
by Hiltz and Turoff, 1978   It had 300-400 user
around the united states.   It had messages, conferences, group and
personal notebook and attachments to items as well
as collaborative database structure as well as attachments of comments to
items of data.  The later EIES system at NJIT was
based upon the ideas in that system (1974) and introduced evaluation
studies of groups and designing specail features for
different groups (beyond the general features available to all).
The library at NJIT has a stored and free access collection of the research
reports the resulted from the EIES work and a number
of papers and reports resulting from EMISARI as well as complete
specifications of the EMISARI and the EIES interface and capabilities.

there was also the early dephi system that led to EMISARI which was first
used in 1970
Delphi Conferencing: Computer-Based
Conferencing with Anonymity
This paper is a report on an on-line (computer-automated) conference that
was conducted for thirteen
weeks in the spring of 1970. The conference involved twenty individuals
throughout the country who
were able to engage in the conference discussion at their convenience by
going to a computer terminal
at their time of choice. The computer maintained a real-time accounting of
the discussion items entered
by the various respondents and of how the group had voted on these items
with respect to scales of
desirability and feasibility (for proposals), or importance and confidence
(for comments).
(the paper had the results of their discussion about the future of this
technology and the name of 20 individuals
are included as well as the results of their discussion.)
The Delphi method is a series of communication structures to produce
collective intelligence.  The delphi method
book is free on my website (1975 Linstone and Turoff)  my website was
frozen when i retired in 2007 but i have
published a lot in recent years in the emergency management IS area.

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