[SIGCIS-Members] Some suggestions on the early history of the ethics of AI

Cary Gray cggray at mac.com
Tue Apr 24 09:19:44 PDT 2018

Since the request was regarding ethics of AI, I'll add my recommendation for Weizenbaum's _Computer Power and Human Reason_.  I've had good results with senior CS majors reading it--where they've needed help is with the post-Vietnam context that undergirds the chapters on responsibility.  You might also want to look at John McCarthy's review, which is available from several sources, but probably easiest to get from

Issue 58, June 1976 
Pages 4-13

There is also Weizenbaum's letter to the editor of CACM regarding computer models of psychiatric disorders, which appears in

Communications of the ACM
Volume 17 Issue 7, July 1974 
Page 425

(That's not easily located via online search.)

	Cary Gray

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