[SIGCIS-Members] Question From The American Computer & Robotics Museum in Montana

George Keremedjiev director at compustory.com
Mon Apr 9 07:44:23 PDT 2018

Hello to all. My first posting.

Our museum is opening on June 1st a major exhibit on women in computing.

Does anyone know of any personal computer hardware women engineers in the 1975-1985 era (+/-) who we should consider including in the exhibit? For example, women members of the Homebrew Club and/or employees at, for example - Apple, HP, Atari, Commodore, Tandy, Intel, TI, IBM, Xerox, etc. - who were hardware engineers and involved in the design of computer hardware components including microchips.

The key term is hardware.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and possible help with the above!


George Keremedjiev
American Computer & Robotics Museum
Bozeman, MT

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