[SIGCIS-Members] Are you bringing books to the SIGCIS Book Auction?

Andrew Russell arussell at arussell.org
Mon Oct 23 12:06:08 PDT 2017

Hello again everyone - 

I’m writing with a quick reminder about the SIGCIS Book Auction on Friday October 27th, which will take place during the SIGCIS lunch at the SHOT Annual Meeting in Philadelphia.  

I’m writing with a favor to ask you all: if you are planning to bring books to donate to the auction, could you please email me to let me know the title of the book?  We’re trying our best to keep track, so it will help to have a list - even a partial list - ahead of time.

Thank you!


> On Sep 25, 2017, at 1:24 PM, Andrew Russell <arussell at arussell.org> wrote:
> Dear colleagues - 
> With the SHOT and SIGCIS meetings about a month away, I’m writing with a few reminders and requests about SIGCIS-related events and happenings. I’m guessing I and others will be back in touch with more announcements as the time draws near, but what follows should be plenty to get us started.
> 1. Friday SIGCIS Lunch
> Our annual lunch will take place on Friday from 12:30-2.  When you registered, you should have checked the box.  If you didn’t, I’m sure that SHOT can find a way to accommodate you when you register in Philadelphia.  As usual, our agenda for the lunch, beyond eating, will be (1) introductions from first-time attendees; and (2) the SIGCIS book auction, once again starring Tom Haigh as auctioneer.  Regarding the latter, I have two reminders:
> 	a. Please bring books you would like to donate for the cause.  It would help our accounting and record-keeping system if you can tell me ahead of time what book you plan to bring.
> 	b. Please bring cash to pay for books, or to otherwise donate to SIGCIS. We are lucky to have so many generous members in SIGCIS, since member donations allow us to award travel grants to students and others who need travel support.  This year we are awarding over $2000 in travel support; to make this sustainable, we need to recoup those costs.  If you’d rather donate to SIGCIS online or by check, we would be happy to facilitate that as well.
> 2. SHOT Sessions of Interest
> The SHOT program may be found from the following link: https://www.historyoftechnology.org/annual-meeting/2017-shot-annual-meeting-26-29-october-philadelphia/ <https://www.historyoftechnology.org/annual-meeting/2017-shot-annual-meeting-26-29-october-philadelphia/>.  In keeping with the trends of current years, the program has a great variety of sessions and papers that features, were organized by, or will be of interest to SIGCIS members, including: Nathan Ensmenger on the opening plenary panel on Thursday evening; Friday panels on the future of work (F2), computerized futures (F6), governance in IT (F17), communication (F22), AI history (F28), material histories of data (F30), AI history part 2 (F40); and Saturday panels on data management (S5), democracy & communication technologies (S14), computerized futures part 2 (S20), radio & politics (S25), visual media (S28), visual environments (S37), women and gender in computing (S39), ‘hidden figures’ (S41), and Cold War IT (S43).  My goodness.
> 3. Sunday SIGCIS Conference: Measure, Model, Mix: Computer as Instrument
> Once again we have an amazing lineup of presentations for our Sunday SIGCIS conference.  Details are available from http://meetings.sigcis.org/conference-schedule.html <http://meetings.sigcis.org/conference-schedule.html>.  I’ll only highlight a couple of aspects here: at 8:45 we will introduce the workshop and announce our SIGCIS Travel Awards, the Mahoney Prize, and Computer History Museum Prize, which is always an exciting occasion; and we will then move into our keynote address by Prof. Joanna Radin at Yale University.  More information about the conference will be forthcoming - stay tuned….
> I hope to see you in Philadelphia!
> All the best,
> Andy Russell
> SIGCIS Chair

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