[SIGCIS-Members] History of Unix symposium - Paris, France, October 19th

Camille Paloque-Berges camillepaloqueberges at gmail.com
Thu Oct 12 08:44:30 PDT 2017

Dear colleagues and friends,

An international conference on the history of Unix will be held in Paris,
Oct. 19th, at the Conservatoire National des Arts & Métiers. Here is the
link to the (bilingual) program :

There will be audio recordings of the symposium available afterwards -
check the program page to know where and when.

It will be followed, the next day, by a kick-off meeting of the research
project “What is a computer program?”:

the orgazining committee: Isabelle Astic, Raphaël Fournier-S’niehotta,
Pierre-Eric Mounier-Kuhn, Camille Paloque-Bergès, Loïc Petitgirard.

Institutional email address : camille.paloque_berges at cnam.fr
*Laboratory for the History of Techno-Sciences (HT2S), Conservatoire
national des arts et métiers, 2 rue Conté, 75003 Paris, France
*Associate researcher at the Digital Paths cluster of CNRS' Institute for
Communication Sciences (ISCC)
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