[SIGCIS-Members] First information explosion in history

Richard Vahrenkamp vahrenkamp2 at gmx.de
Thu Oct 5 00:43:06 PDT 2017

Dear all,

60 years ago the German sociologist Theo Pirker made the assertion that 
machinization of information leads to rapid expansion of information 
volume and to broadening the stream of information. I used this approach 
in my paper on punch card technology in Germany in the recent issue of 
the German journal Technikgeschichte. I showed how the introduction of 
punched cards induced the first information explosion in history. 
Further I raised some doubts on the current view that the industry in 
the United States were leading in the application of punched cards based 
control systems. I showed that in Germany the industry reached the same 
level of punched cards based control systems as in the United States. On 
your demand I can provide an English translation of my paper as a 
working paper 1/2017.

With kind regards

Richard Vahrenkamp

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