[SIGCIS-Members] SIGCIS member directory listings are intentionally public, thus harvestable

Gallo, Jason A jgallo at ida.org
Mon Nov 27 12:01:28 PST 2017

I just did some quick triage and turned off the display of email addresses on the page. The page itself is still public but the addresses should no longer show.

Tom raises a good point about modernizing the site and the utility of having an up-to-date public directory.



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The mail is clearly not coming via the SIGCIS list. Indeed the sender is not even bothering to fake it – the sender identifies itself as
>> SIGCIS <mekesb at kobatti.net<mailto:mekesb at kobatti.net>>
so is not even bothering to fake the sigcis.org domain or the correct user name of “members.”

Harvesting the names does not require a “back door” into the directory – the directory is a public web page. So presumably some spam engine harvesting names and emails has stumbled across it. (Sidenote: I know some people still try to avoid this by writing out the “at” in their address or adding spaces, but I suspect any self-respecting script creator would long ago have automated the harvesting of names in these formats).

Thus the possibility of getting spammed is inherent in having a public member directory. We used to make efforts to keep the directory up to date and produce a print version of those attending SHOT to help members get to know each other without spending the whole lunch meeting on introductions. But that practice has lapsed, and in the age of mobile devices would be of questionable usefulness today.

It’s probably been something like seven years since we made a serious effort to edit profiles and reach out to members whose entries were out of date. It might be time to either modernize the directory or take it down entirely.

A few years ago some volunteers talked about developing a media availability list on the site, to help direct journalists to subject matter experts willing to give a quick turnaround with quotes. Replacing the current directory with an up to date and focused list of this kind might be a good idea, if anyone is willing to revive the project.

Best wishes,


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Hi all - I’ve received one spam email from this person via SIGCIS, and now s/he is following up with another.

Anyone else being harassed by him/her — or possibly “it”?

Given the other recent spam, it’s looking like there is some back door to the member directory.



Begin forwarded message:

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Any updates for me on below?

Await for your reply.

Thanks & Regards,
Alexa Austin
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From: Alexa Austin
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I found that you are a member of “The Special Interest Group for Computers, Information, and Society Directory”. We are the global database service provider. Would you be interested in acquiring potential clients list to market your products and services as per your required location? Would it be Ok if I send you a list of some sample contacts? If yes, please give me your requirement below, and I’ll send you the list for a review.

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Looking forward to see a good client relationship.

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Alexa Austin
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