[SIGCIS-Members] Born in a Van: Happy 40th Birthday to the Internet!

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Please enjoy a new @CHM post, “Born in a Van: Happy 40th Birthday to the Internet!” by Marc Weber, curatorial director of our Internet History Program, on our blog<http://www.computerhistory.org/atchm/?p=10653> and on Medium<https://medium.com/chmcore/born-in-a-van-happy-40th-birthday-to-the-internet-d81287f172bf>. The post also features an original CHM film<https://youtu.be/H8dn9tTPsAA> production by Jon Plutte and Weber.

·        Over the shortening fall days of 1977, an unmarked silver step van filled with futuristic equipment, engineers, and sometimes fully uniformed generals quietly cruised the streets of the San Francisco Bay Area/Peninsula. Only an oddly shaped antenna gave a hint of its purpose. On November 22, 1977 this van demonstrated/The van was about/getting ready to demonstrate the first full transmission with what would become the internet standard we use today [[, for nearly everything, from dating hailing a ride to rides to medical information.

Read " Born in a Van: Happy 40th Birthday to the Internet " on @CHM<http://www.computerhistory.org/atchm/?p=10653> or Medium<https://medium.com/chmcore/born-in-a-van-happy-40th-birthday-to-the-internet-d81287f172bf>. Please enjoy and be sure to share!
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