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This story is from today's *San Jose Mercury News*:

[image: Leslie Berlin, author of a book about the legendary Bob Noyce, is
back with "Troublemakers," which follows some of Silicon Valley's less
well-known, but equally important pioneers.]
‘Troublemakers’ helped build Silicon Valley’s tech industry — now what?
By Levi Sumagaysay <http://www.mercurynews.com/author/levi-sumagaysay/>
November 06, 2017, 7:00 am

Included in Leslie Berlin's book, and in this story, is discussion of
Atari, including Al Alcorn and Nolan Bushnell.  Leslie was in the front row
of an IEEE Silicon Valley Tech History Committee
<http://www.siliconvalleyhistory.com> event I organized in Sept 2016 about
Atari, and its panelists included these two luminaries. That event is
described here
its slides are here
its full video is here
to Viodi's Ken Pyle <http://viodi.com/>), and an *IEEE Spectrum* story
about the event (written by Tekla Perry, who sat next to Leslie at this
event) is here

The above story mentions Berlin's book about Bob Noyce titled *The Man
Behind the Microchip
<http://www.oupcanada.com/catalog/9780195311990.html>* which
I heartily recommend.  I'll be anxious to read the new book!  Also, Leslie
will be interviewed at the Computer History Museum
in Mtn. View, California, USA on Wed, 13 December, at 7pm PST.  That
interview should also be streamed on Facebook Live.
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