[SIGCIS-Members] Computer History Museum's Len Shustek Receives ACM Award

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Len Shustek was will receive the ACM Distinguished Service Award

*Leonard Jay Shustek*, recipient of the *ACM Distinguished Service Award* for
the establishment and success of the Computer History Museum, the world’s
leading institution in exploring the history of computing and its impact on
society.  Shustek has helped bring to the world the story of how the
greatest innovation of our time has come to be. In 1995, after retiring
from the network diagnostic company he co-founded, Shustek began teaching
computer architecture at Stanford University. He soon realized that
students were as interested in computer history as they were in computer
architecture. Instead of returning to Stanford, he began a quest that would
ultimately lead him to acquire a group of artifacts from The Computer
Museum in Boston, with an eye toward forming a new computer history museum
in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Today, thanks to the leadership, vision and tenacity of Shustek, the
Computer History Museum (CHM) is acknowledged as the world’s most important
museum chronicling the rise of computing and its impact on society. With a
staff of 75 serving 200,000 visitors each year, CHM has realized Shustek’s
founding goal of an organization that would be “built to last.” CHM is
housed in a complex comprised of a 119,000-square-foot building for
exhibits and hands-on labs; a 25,000-square-foot climate-controlled
warehouse for papers and artifacts; and a new 50,000-square-foot research
center for scholars and archival work. Throughout the museum’s growth and
development, Shustek has engaged in a range of activities, from leading the
museum in raising $125 million to tracking down vintage code related to
operating systems no longer in use.

For the general public, signature exhibitions like “Revolution” translate
the history of computing into an experience that the average person can not
only appreciate, but enjoy. For the computing field, CHM’s role as the
world’s major repository of artifacts and historic preservation allows
innovators to access the past, in order to move into the future.

*The ACM Distinguished Service Award
<http://awards.acm.org/distinguished-service> is presented on the basis of
value and degree of services to the computing community. The contribution
should not be limited to service to the Association, but should include
activities in other computer organizations and should emphasize
contributions to the computing community at large.*
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