[SIGCIS-Members] The latest inventor of the computer

David Hemmendinger hemmendd at union.edu
Fri Mar 24 12:16:36 PDT 2017

>Would you (or someone else reading this) happen to have a good
>bibliography on the history of computer science -- such as it exists
>that could be shared with me (this list)?

	I can recommend several articles on the (internalist) history
of formal languages, automata theory, and recursive functions.  They
have further bibliographies that may be helpful.   Parts of the articles
are somewhat technical.
	The first three are from the Annals 3:1 (1981), special issue on
the theory of computing:

Sheila Greibach, Formal Languages: Origins and Directions, pp 14-41
Juris Hartmanis, Observations About the Development of Theoretical
	Computer Science, pp 42-51
Stephen Kleene, Origins of Recursive Function Theory, pp 52-67.
Lance Fortnow & Steve Homer, A Short History of Computational Complexity,
	Bulletin of the European Association for Theoretical Computer Science,
	2003; https://people.cs.uchicago.edu/~fortnow/papers/history.pdf .

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