[SIGCIS-Members] IEEE Spectrum's Chip Hall of Fame

Stephen Cass stephen.cass at gmail.com
Thu Jul 6 14:00:11 PDT 2017

Members of this list may appreciate the launch of IEEE Spectrum's Chip Hall
of Fame, which grew out of an article originally published in 2009 about
the "25 Microchips That Shook The World." (I helped put it together in my
role as a senior editor at Spectrum). The goal is for the Chip Hall of Fame
to induct a new class of three to four integrated circuits each year, and
we are always open to suggestions!

Most of the initial inductees are drawn from the earlier article, but with
updated information where needed, and there are several new chips,
including, for example, the TMS9900. The TMS9900 is best known for being
the heart of the TI/99-4 and TI/99-4A home computers, which briefly enjoyed
high sales volumes. We have an accompanying feature article by one of the
TI managers of that chip, detailing how the TMS9900 was conceived with
great vision, but was hobbled during implementation.

The Chip Hall of Fame may be found here:



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