[SIGCIS-Members] Resources on Ayyadurai saga

Glenn Bugos Glenn at MomentLLC.com
Thu Jan 12 10:42:47 PST 2017

Don’t think this tidbit has appeared on the list...A few years back there was a rock musical in London called Loserville.  It’s now closed, though American high schools are picking it up.  It is set in 1971, focusing on Michael Dork, a nerdy high school student confused by girls, with a tight group of friends, striving to invent email as his “one way ticket out of Loserville."  


Here’s a high school in Oregon, performing the last act of the play, where the brilliant, beautiful and underestimated Holly, blackmailed by the scion of military contractor Arch Systems, enjoys the Eureka moment of putting “@“ in the address (:45) then passes her secret along to her friend Michael (3:30). “After all this time/it seems so obvious/we’re making history/we’ll be notorious/so many sleepless nights/it never came to us/it’s so simple/it’s genius.”  Then “It’s the birth of the digital/God what a miracle/we are really living in the future now.”   

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