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How did early “e-mail” differ from “TELEX”? Telex was in common use for decades and may still be around, for all I know. At the library I worked in in the 1970s we’d get Telex messages all the time.

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​There were lots of systems that had "messages" available which were equivalent to email.   ​
are those being ignored.  the emisari  system i built in 1971 at OEP had messages that could be sent to any member or collection of members in the system.
arpa net had messages as well.
The oep emisari manual is available from the njit library in a special collection of material we did for EIES which in part was a follow on to emisari.  it is the special collection of material for CCCC (computerized conferencing and communications center).
it is near the end of the list.   and the eies manual 1974-5 also had a complete message system.

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