[SIGCIS-Members] Resources on Ayyadurai saga

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Thu Jan 5 10:08:09 PST 2017

> To rebut this claim one doesn’t need to designate any individual as THE
> inventor of email, merely to reiterate the historical consensus that
> email is a synonym for electronic mail and that electronic mail was in
> use prior to 1978 (or 1980 or 1982). However smart and likeable you are,
> you can’t invent something that’s already been invented.

Excellent points Tom.

Any such document aimed at the general public and 
non-technical/non-academic readers should also strongly emphasize the * 
commercial * systems such as Compuserve. It would also be helpful to 
cite email's early appearances in mainstream dictionaries/newspapers.

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