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WARNING: I am trademarking the phrase "Space Flight to Mars."  If anyone in the future undertakes to create a craft to fly to Mars, I have prior rights to any and all benefits and remunerations pertaining thereunto.

I have created a functioning prototype, consisting of a folding aluminum lawn chair with attached helium balloons.  It propels me in the direction of Mars and, if there is sufficient brandy aboard, appears to have a very real prospect of reaching its intended destination.

IN ADDITION, I am copyrighting the phrase, "Rumble, rumble, whoooosh!"  This fundamental expression of rocket propulsion is thus forever encumbered by my intellectual property rights and restricted in verbal or physical expression to efforts sanctioned and licensed by me, my heirs, or my assignees.

... just so ya know ...

- Bill

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I'd be happy to help with this. If we can craft something I'd be pleased to help reach a wider audience. I am already in touch with the UK Sunday Times - I contribute to them - and can make time to help with this, I don't have the tech expertise you all have, but can tell the story for the general public.

all best


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"This is a historic victory for truth," declared Dr. Ayyadurai. "Americans have no tolerance for fake news, lies

i mean, it's by far not the most offensive part of this story, but this statement leapt out at me--you coulda fooled me, and PT Barnum, and every "reality show" producer, and Facebook, and, and...

David Golumbia
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