[SIGCIS-Members] The new thing: Ayyadurai claims to be suing Techdirt

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Wed Jan 4 19:32:41 PST 2017

> Do facts carry no weight anymore?

The most offensive part to me is: "There is no reasonable dispute that 
Dr. Ayyadurai is the inventor of email."

If the president-to-be can say any crazy thing and mock those who 
observe its falsehood, then so can lawyers.

Or is history now decided by who has the nastiest lawyer?

Remember, John Mauchly "did derive" ENIAC from Atanasoff's unfinished 
electromechanical calculator...

I can understand such a decision back then, when the non-technical 
public knew next to nothing about computing. But in 2016? All it should 
have taken for Gawker to win is anyone on this list taking the stand to 
show a timeline of (ahem) email. The greenest small-town law school 
graduate could have won that case. It is baffling how Gawker lost.

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