[SIGCIS-Members] Techdirt selling "I Invented Email" t-shirts (until tomorrow only?)

Thomas Haigh thomas.haigh at gmail.com
Tue Feb 28 13:10:48 PST 2017

Techdirt has a rather fun new line of merchandise, featuring the logo "I
Invented Email" which, as its official announcement notes, allows you "to
express your opinion on certain events." Also mugs, hoodies, etc. Obviously
I was hoping for something more like "Fake historians for Raytheon," but
what can you do?






BTW: I see that SIGCIS is featured, along with IEEE Annals and Wikipedia,
prominently the "media kit" Ayyadurai's launched when he filed the lawsuit
against Techdirt. http://inventorofemail.com/thefacts/ It's interesting that
he continues to avoid using my name.


Raytheon and Tomlinson's supporters -- the ARPANET cabal -- used the
occasion of Dr. Ayyadurai gaining global recognition in 2012 for the
invention of email to discredit him. They unleashed vitriol on the
Washington Post reporter and forced the editors to print a completely
nebulous correction that Shiva Ayyadurai was ".not the inventor of
electronic messaging." However, Dr. Ayyadurai never claimed to be the
inventor of "electronic messaging," whose history goes back to the Morse
Code telegraph of the 1800s.

Part of this cabal is a group called Special Interest Group for Computers,
Information and Society (SIGCIS). Under the aegis of its "scholarly" blog,
its chief spokesperson attacked Dr. Ayyadurai as well as any other experts
and journalists who dared to share the historical facts about email's origin
from Newark, New Jersey. At the same time, this "scholar" thanked "special
interests" from Raytheon/BBN and the ARPANET community for supporting and
contributing to his verbal lynching of Dr. Ayyadurai. The blog continued to
write defamatory comments calling Dr. Ayyadurai a self-promoter and even
attacking Dr. Ayyadurai's seminal research in the systems biology of
genetically engineered foods (GMOs) - a topic that this group has absolutely
no expertise. All of this took place, while these "scholars" and
"historians" deliberately ignored the plagiaristic and truly
self-promotional history of Raytheon, and praised the "aw shucks" humility
of Ray Tomlinson, the non-inventor of email.

Other unethical individuals and internet rags colluded to simply erase the
facts and ridiculed journalists such as Mo Rocca of CBS' Henry Ford's
Innovation Nation Show and Doug Aamoth of Time Magazine, who shared the
truth about email's origin. These individuals included trolls at TechDirt,
who parroted false histories of email history to create bogus citations for
the heavily censored and manipulated Wikipedia, with its constant
revisionism and purges.

Typical revisionism included vengeful and retaliatory Wikipedia edits. For
example, following the initial announcement, on November 3, 2016 of Dr.
Ayyadurai's victory over Gawker Media, this cabal enforced a "consensus," in
Wikipedia parlance, so as to denigrate Dr. Ayyadurai, in the first sentence
of his Wikipedia article, as someone merely "notable for his controversial
claim to be the 'inventor of email'."

Other surrogates in this attack included none other than David Crocker, and
the online "Museum of Email & Digital Communications," where Crocker is
listed as an "Analyst" along with Richi Jennings, another "Analyst" at this
"museum," who is an active Wikipedia editor removing and manipulating facts
on Dr. Ayyadurai's Wikipedia page. Along the same lines, Raytheon's Chief
Scientist, who has collegial relations with Crocker, is on the Editorial
Board of the journal IEEE Annals of the History of Computing, which
publishes false histories of email, while ignoring the 1978 invention of
email in Newark, NJ.

The nexus of collusion among the "internet pioneers and historians," and
their surrogates is deliberate, as evident in their efforts to create fake
news on their blogs, and "scholarly journals" for documenting a false and
revisionist history, which trolls on Wikipedia then reference as "fact."
This insidious system of generating fake news provides an incredibly
tight-knit engine for falsifying the history of email.


Best wishes,



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