[SIGCIS-Members] Email "inventor" claimant to run for U.S. Senate -- alternative facts about technology and democracy collide

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The governor of Michigan is Rick Snyder, formerly the CEO and Chairman of Gateway Inc., a maker of personal computers and other electronic products (Gateway was acquired by Acer).

The governorship is Snyder's first elective position.

He also chaired Ann Arbor SPARK, a tech-heavy economic development organization

Though Snyder refers to himself as "one tough nerd," I think it's fair to say that he's not a technical person (other than in law and accounting).  He's more a business leader and investment expert, so maybe not the kind of example you're looking for, Andrew.

- Bill

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As a follow up to Ayyadurai's candidacy  -- have there been any previous instances of people who identify with the software industry running for major political office in the United states or internationally?


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On Sat, Feb 25, 2017 at 10:37 AM, Andrew Meade McGee <amm5ae at virginia.edu<mailto:amm5ae at virginia.edu>> wrote:
Continuing with the ongoing saga of V. A. Shiva and his claims regarding the invention of e-mail, that gentleman has just announced his candidacy for the United States Senate.


As several SIGCIS contributors noted earlier this month, this nicely parallels the upcoming SHOT themes of technology and democracy. "Alternate facts" about the history of technology will play a major public element of this campaign next year.


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