[SIGCIS-Members] Command Lines: Software, Power, Performance // March 18-19 @ CHM

Laine Nooney laine.nooney at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 18:43:51 PST 2017

Dear SIGCIS Community,

We were planning for a coordinated announcement about Command Lines once
we'd had a chance to triple-check our program, but seeing as Tom has jumped
the gun: we're thrilled to announce the lineup for our first
SIGCIS-sponsored conference unattached to SHOT, handily accessible via this
URL: http://meetings.sigcis.org/program.html.

This program delivers scholars ranging across STS, the history of
computing, game studies, media studies, critical race studies and more.
Tremendous effort has been made to support the attendance of graduate
students, and those from disciplinary communities not often represented at

We have limited capacity in the venue (generously hosted by the Computer
History Museum), and with so many speakers, it unfortunately left limited
space for outside attendees. Tickets went almost immediately upon
advertising the conference, so we must announce that registration is

While we're of course regretful we can't include everyone who would like to
attend, we are thrilled with the enthusiasm and excitement over what we
believe will prove the most sprawling, diverse and cross-disciplinary
SIGCIS event yet.

We are hoping to offer streaming of one of the lecture halls, and we should
be capturing video of all talks for CHM's Youtube channel, so the output of
the event can be as accessible as possible. Stay tuned for updates on this.

Warm Regards from the Command Lines Planning Committee,

Laine Nooney, Georgia Tech
David Brock, Computer History Museum
Marie Hicks, Illinois Institute of Technology
Andy Russell, SUNY Polytechnic
Kera Allen, Assistant, Georgia Tech
Laine Nooney

DM <http://dm.lmc.gatech.edu/> @ LMC <http://lmc.gatech.edu/> @ GT
Assistant Professor
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