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David C. Brock dbrock at computerhistory.org
Fri Dec 1 12:03:05 PST 2017

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Summer Research Associate
Center for Software History, Computer History Museum

The Computer History Museum’s Center for Software History is currently seeking an advanced undergraduate or graduate student for a remote-work, bring-your-own-equipment, summer research associate position. The summer research associate will be paid $2,800 for 112 hours of work this summer as an independent contractor.

The main effort for the associate will be editing for fidelity a set of verbatim transcripts of oral history interviews in the history of software. The work will involve listening to the audio, or watching the video, of the oral history interviews while reviewing the associated transcript for accuracy, and doing appropriate research required to correctly identify proper nouns, technical terms, acronyms, place names, and the like. If the set of transcriptions is completed, the associate will be directed to other oral-history connected editing, research, and writing tasks, such as reviewing completed oral histories for interpretive extracts of various sorts. We are looking for someone excited by the prospect of being immersed in interviews on the history of software for the summer with the required patience and attention to detail.

The summer research associate will conduct their work off-site at their own location, and will coordinate their work with the Center’s Director by email, on-line video conferencing, or telephone. There are no set work-hours or days, but the summer research associate is expected to be generally available to respond to email within 24-hours, Mondays through Fridays. The summer research assistant must provide their own computing and communication resources, including academic library access, audio and video recording playback software (e.g. VLC), and word processing software that is fully compatible with Microsoft Word tracked-changes functions, and a Dropbox account for digital file exchange.

The summer research associate will be paid $1,400 when 56-hours of work have been completed and the remaining $1,400 when the full 112-hours of work have been completed. Note that as an independent contractor, it is the sole responsibility of the summer research associate to report compensation received and make the requisite federal, state or local tax filings. Payments from the Computer History Museum will be reported to the IRS using Form 1099.  

Interested candidates should send a one-page CV, including email addresses for two references, to David C. Brock, Director, Center for Software History, dbrock at computerhistory.org by December 31st, 2017.

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