[SIGCIS-Members] contact of Andrew Butrica re antenna archives

maxigas maxigas at anargeek.net
Tue Sep 13 11:39:21 PDT 2016

hello members,

i tried to contact Andrew Bustica who is supposed to be in charge of the
online archives of Antenna Newsletter published by Mercurians, another
special interest group of the Society for the History of Technology:


they are missing quite a lot of issues, including the one with an
article i needed. i could get the article in question but i wondered if
they need some help putting their stuff online or they could publish the
scan that i received via Karl Stephan. Bustica's email address given
there seems to be a very old one and not working.

anybody has Andrew Bustica's current contact details?


maxigas, kiberpunk
FA00 8129 13E9 2617 C614 0901 7879 63BC 287E D166

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