[SIGCIS-Members] Science wars quote that scientists can teach English but not vice versa

Thomas Haigh thomas.haigh at gmail.com
Fri Oct 21 12:32:04 PDT 2016



I was looking for a quote I recall reading in the days of the "science
wars," probably late-1990s, from a scientist saying something like: "If all
the English professors got sick and we were called in then we would so an OK
job teaching Shakespeare etc. based on what we know and the inherent
triviality of the humanities. Whereas if the physics professors got sick
then the humanities people would be completely unable to step in, because
science is hard."


I tried constructing Google searches and doing Amazon's search inside the
book on Sokal & Bricmont's Fashionable Nonsense and similar targets, but
didn't locate it. 


NB: I'm just looking for the source here, not for people eager to reignite
the science wars by arguing for or against the proposition.


Best wishes,


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