[SIGCIS-Members] ENIAC ebook not here yet, but Japanese translation is coming. Also free posters still available.

Thomas Haigh thaigh at computer.org
Thu May 12 08:44:06 PDT 2016

I know that the ebook option was listed for April publication, and that the
delay was because the index was going to be incorporated. (The index had to
be left out of the hardback edition because the indexer hired by MIT Press
reportedly "absconded" without delivering the contracted work). I did
approve an index earlier this year, prepared by a replacement indexer, but
haven't heard of the ebook edition appearing. I'll follow up with MIT Press
and make sure that it hasn't been forgotten about. What I'm actually hoping
for is a Kindle edition, as the MIT Press ebooks are reportedly rather

I can confirm that a Japanese translation will be appearing soon from
Kyoritsu Shuppan. Thanks to Haruyuki Kawabe from Nihon Unisys, Ltd and his
colleagues for taking the initiative to arrange this -- by the time I heard
about it the translation was almost finished. If anyone is interested in
translating other languages let me know and I can put you in contact with
the appropriate people at MIT Press.

While I'm here let me share a write-up of my ENIAC 70th Anniversary talk at
Penn earlier this year. It's in The Pennsylvania Gazette, the alumni mag,
and also online: http://thepenngazette.com/a-peoples-history-of-eniac/. I
gave a similar talk at Maryland, which posted a video and transcript:
http://eniacinaction.com/watch-us/. And CHM Chairman Len Shustek had some
nice things to say about it during the annual fellowship gala event:

Finally, I still have some ENIAC Monte Carlo posters left, with free
shipping. Preview at
http://eniacinaction.com/the-book/eniac-monte-carlo-poster/. Just send me an
email if you want one.

Best wishes,


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I'm sure I saw the ENIAC in Action book posted on the MIT site in ebook
format in addition to the print format that I have already.  But although
the price is still listed, the ebook delivery option seems to have vanished
  Does anyone (ahem, Tom) know what happened and if the ebook format will
/guy fedorkow

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