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Jordi — I agree with Rudi’s endorsement of the Kurt Beyer biography of Grace Hopper, which is excellent.  Beyer provides a welcome corrective to the generally hagiographic treatment of Hopper in the popular literature, while still making clear her absolutely fundamental accomplishments.   He deals sensitively but thoroughly with her drinking problem, for example.

For a much more critical take on Hopper, however, you might take a look at Jean Jenning Bartik’s memoir *Pioneer Programmer.*  Bartik was definitely not a fan…   Obviously you would need to have your students read Bartik’s account as largely a primary source, with all the attendant qualifications that come with that, but it might be a nice complement to the Beyer.


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> Dear SICIS colleagues,
> I'm preparing a bibliography about Grace Hopper. Do you know any primary or secondary source you consider essential?
> Thanks!
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