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Thu Mar 24 09:29:05 PDT 2016

PS, in addition to the nice "letter" from Ray in the box, see the short 
Q&A with him that goes down the left margin of the webpage well beyond 
the bottom of the boxed letter.

On 3/24/2016 12:19 PM, Dave Walden wrote:
> Hi,
> If I go to bbn.com, I find in small letters in the right column a link 
> to "The first network email".  When I follow that link, I get to
> http://www.raytheon.com/news/rtnwcm/groups/public/documents/content/rtn12_tomlinson_email.pdf
> I don't think it is claimed there that BBN invented email.  I don't 
> know what may be claimed on some other Raytheon site.  In the decades 
> I was at BBN, lots of us tried to stop BBN people who didn't know any 
> better from saying that BBN or Ray Tomlinson invented email.  Back in 
> those days we were worried about being fair to the people who prior to 
> Ray's demonstration of networked email already had what today we call 
> email running within single computers, e.g., within time-sharing 
> systems.  -Dave
> On 3/24/2016 10:51 AM, Dag Spicer wrote:
>> Now available from S.A.’s dupes…
>> … and a special thanks to all of us at SIGCIS …
>> What also needs to be investigated, by likely an independent 
>> professional ethics body, is the biased, unscholarly, and defamatory 
>> attacks on Ayyadurai(‘SIGCIS Blog’, 2012),and the clear conflict of 
>> interest, as exemplified in the list of individuals in Mr. Haigh’s 
>> “Acknowledgements” section thanking those who helped him in 
>> denigrating Ayyadurai:
>> “Acknowledgements: Thanks to the dozens of people who sent me 
>> hundreds of messages after learning that I was working on a response 
>> for the Post. Many helped to read and shape earlier drafts. In no 
>> particular order: Evan Koblentz, Catherine Lathwell, Peter Meyer, 
>> Dave Walden, Debbie Deutsch, Marie Hicks, James Sumner, Ken Pogran, 
>> Tom Van Vleck, Dag Spicer, Mark Weber, JoAnne Yates, Murray Turoff, 
>> Al Kossow, Ramesh Subramanian, David Alan Grier, Paul McJones, Nathan 
>> Ensmenger, David Hemmendinger, Jeffrey Yost, David Moran, Peggy 
>> Kidwell, Debbie Douglas, Alex Bochannek, Bill McMillan, Len Shustek, 
>> Petri Paju, Elizabeth Finler, Dave Crocker, Ray Tomlinson, Pierre 
>> Mounier Kuhn, James P.G. Sterbenz, Ben Barker, Jim Cortada, and Craig 
>> Partridge.” (‘SIGCIS Blog’, 2012)
>> A significant cluster or coalition of the individuals listed in the 
>> Acknowledge- ments have a direct and indirect, and/or close 
>> affiliation to Raytheon/BBN, who claims they “invented email,” as 
>> evident on their website (Raytheon/BBN, n.d.), which brandishes the 
>> ‘@’ logo with its numerous press and marketing releases claiming that 
>> it is the home of the “inventor of email,” Mr. Ray Tomlinson.
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