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Dave Walden dave.walden.family at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 12:36:45 PST 2016

I am interested in sources on the history of computer technology coming
into newspapers and newsrooms.  I am less interested in the aspects of
digital type (as that is broader than newspapers).  I am interested digital
typesetting, layout, and intra-institution communication in newspapers and
in the companies that provided this technology to newspapers if it was not
home grown.   I would be happy to read an treatment of the whole spectrum
all the way to printing the actual newspaper sheets, if such a thing exists.
I have some bits of material already, and will shortly be heading out to
Boston area libraries (BPL, MIT, Athenaeum, ...), if someone happens to
know that one such institution is strong in the newspaper technology
history area.  I will also take a look at the library Printing Museum near
Boston and the history of printing collection at the public library in
Thanks, Dave
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