[SIGCIS-Members] CHM Curatorial Update: Unique recording of Lee Boysel, Early Microprocessor Pioneer, now on CHM YouTube channel

Dag Spicer dspicer at computerhistory.org
Mon Mar 7 09:47:13 PST 2016

Dear SGICIS colleagues,

Lee Boysel is one of the unsung fathers of the microprocessor who has a genuine claim to making the earliest one.  Pace TI, Intel, Faggin, Hoff, et al. and 99% of ’standard histories’ of the microprocessor.   He was the only expert witness in the famous TI microprocessor patent case retained by all sides and the presentation of his notes from 1969 and working model effectively ended the case.

If you are interested in semiconductor history and the early development of the uP, this is a must-watch.  It is now part of CHM’s permanent archive, thanks to a special arrangement with the University of Michigan, where this presentation initially took place (in 2007).

The lecture is entitled, “Making your first million: Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs,” which doesn’t quite get the idea across but, rest assured, it’s microprocessor history and also the  only known recording of Boysel explaining his contributions.



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