[SIGCIS-Members] Review essay on history of algorithms

Maarten Bullynck maarten.bullynck at kuttaka.org
Thu Jul 14 04:42:37 PDT 2016

Dear SIGCIS-members,

A while ago there was a thread on methodologies developed in other 
branches of the history of science that could be useful to the history 
of computing. For the last 20 years much work has been done on the 
history of algorithms, mostly within the history of mathematics, and 
quite some interesting new ideas and methods have come from this rich 
and vibrant field. On the occasion of a new edition of a 1995-book on 
the history of algorithms (that is now a bit old-fashioned), I wrote an 
essay review that gives an overview on what has been happening these 
last 20 years.
The essay review just appeared in Historia Mathematica and can be freely 
downloaded until September 2nd using this link,

I hope this may be useful to some list members.

best regards,

Maarten Bullynck

Département de mathématiques & histoire des sciences
Université Paris 8

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