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Luke Fernandez luke.fernandez at gmail.com
Fri Feb 19 23:17:53 PST 2016

Can anybody on this list recommend some articles or books about the digital
sublime?  In  _The Technological Sublime_ David Nye documents how Americans
have had sublime and "essentially religious" reactions to technology since
their confrontation with the railroad.  However, Nye's book doesn't trace
the American encounter with computers.  Moreover, the history ends in 1993
so one is left wondering whether the sublime is a category of experience
that can be used to describe how 21st century Americans react to
digitalized spaces. Are our aesthetic and emotional reactions to computers
similar to the sublime reactions that Nye claims we've had when we've
looked at dams, bridges, and the Apollo space mission? Or are our reactions
to these technologies so different that they resist conflation with digital
ones?  In Vincent Mosco's _The Digital Sublime_ there's a pretty good
attempt to apply Nye's framework to cyberspace.  But this book which was
published in 2005 in now itself ten years old and predates much that might
be said about, say, the mobile revolution or Web 2.0. Hence my query.



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