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Thomas Haigh thaigh at computer.org
Thu Feb 4 10:22:07 PST 2016

Thanks to Evan for checking up on the status of the e-book.

While MIT Press remains far and away the best place to publish a book of
this kind, some recent personnel changes and resultant turmoil there came
just at the wrong moment for our book. I think the e-book delay is probably
tied to another problem, which is that the person the press hired to do the
indexing (as per our contract) never produced an index. We were told that
she had just stopped replying to emails. So back in September the press told
us that to have books out by this month's anniversary we had to forgo a
subject index in the print edition. As Penn was already planning to use the
book as the centerpiece for its anniversary event that seemed like a better
option than a further delay from the originally promised publication date of
October 2015.

We've been promised that an index will be ready this month, and made
available online for download by purchasers of the print edition. A PDF
index would be more useful than a print version anyway, as it's searchable.
My understanding is that the index will be incorporated into the e-book
edition, which is presumably why it's delayed as this complicates the usual
production process. Hopefully there will be a Kindle version, which is a
different thing from the MIT e-book, but that would be in the hands of
Amazon and I don't think could happen until after MIT makes its own
electronic version.

Best wishes,


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> Looks like the e-book option is not yet available. Web site only shows 
> hardcover when you mouse over 'buying options'. I called MIT Press; 
> they said they'll check and reply soon.

They called back and said the e-book option won't be available until early
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