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Tue Aug 23 17:44:50 PDT 2016

​Thanks sharon for your comments.
for some of us "critical infrastructures" means the ones necessary to
maintain our current developed status.

I think if we are looking for fundamentals as it relates to computer and
information systems and all related disciplines i recommend greatly a book
by C. West Churchman, Design of Inquiry Systems where he use the various
western philosophies of truth to design the inquire process for each
philosophy as a model on how to build information and computer systems.
The book was written quite a long time ago.  Mitroff and i wrote a paper on
how to apply it to human collaborative efforts and it is in chapter 2 of
Delphi method book (1975)  free on my website http://is.njit.edu/turoff
There is also a recent paper by Limestone and i that appeared in a special
issue of Technological Forecasting and Social Change recently devoted to
the Delphi method.  Essentially one of our views is that the the internet
has given us an age of participation, but what is important for the future
is bringing about an age of collaboration.

For those interested in the electrical network, thanks to congress, the
federal government has no authority to set any standards for any of the
electrical networks which are regulated independently by each state.   So
there are many of us that are worried of the vulnerabilities of our multi
set of independent electrical networks.

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