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Hi Everyone,

I have an offer from a friend of mine, Gary Nelson, who used to work at MITRE on a system that was a successor to the SAGE air defense system (AERA, or Advanced En Route Air Traffic Control). He’s willing to help anyone who might be interested in writing about, or conducting an oral history related to this system and this period in MITRE’s history.

His original note is copied below, and he also adds:

Yes, that is the plan.  I will assist in any way I can to put the right people together.
I worked on AERA3 ca. 1990, but was also part of the team that did the benefit-cost study of the AAS 1984-8.  The AERA benefits were a key part of the analysis.  I can network to several other contacts at MITRE.


Feel free to write to me, or to Gary directly if you’re interested! He’s copied on this message. (And please forward to anyone who might be interested in this.)

-          Atsushi

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While reading your book it occurred to me that our work on AERA (Advanced en route ATC) at MITRE is a good topic that is an extension of the story of MITRE/SAGE etc.
If that inspiration were not enough, it happened that I just ran into an old colleague of mine who was visiting Troy.  Had not seen her in decades--but it must be a sign to consider the topic!
Perhaps either you or someone you know would tale this on:  It's time before all the principals die off (the program ended with AAS about 1994).  But the apps were intenmded to take advantage of the digitization of the NAS Stage A system (1973).  That it never happened is a great case study of air traffic management.

Gary G. Nelson
38 Maple Ave.
Troy, NY 12180

Gary G. Nelson
38 Maple Ave.
Troy, NY 12180
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