[SIGCIS-Members] An illustrated History of Computing

Mounier Kuhn mounier at msh-paris.fr
Thu Apr 21 13:24:40 PDT 2016

Dear friends & colleagues,

After two decades of stockpiling photos, ads, data, texts and ideas, a year of friendly collaboration between a historian and a computer scientist yielded a richly illustrated History of Computing (in French in its initial version)*. It embraces computing and data processing over a long period, ranging from Sumerian tables to the internet of things, and tries to embrace the worldwide scene – as far as is allowed in 260 pages. It even appeals to a non-French readership as most of its content is iconographic, which makes it as inherently international as old silent movies!

The next step will be to produce an English version of the book. Therefore (this is the second part of my ad) we are looking for a volunteer to translate it. The ideal person would be a native Anglophone knowledgeable in the history of computing, able to read French and to write proper English – and willing to devote several weeks to this work, duly paid by our publisher.

Best regards – and hopefully see you in Singapore. 
Pierre Mounier-Kuhn

CNRS & Universite Paris-Sorbonne

* Emmanuel Lazard et Pierre Mounier-Kuhn, Histoire illustree de l’informatique, EDP Sciences, 2016.

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