[SIGCIS-Members] Handwritten "First Draft" in Dyson's book?

David Hemmendinger hemmendd at union.edu
Tue Sep 1 10:51:57 PDT 2015

	According to JAN Lee's _Computer Pioneers_, on line at the
IEEE History Center, Goldstine gave his papers to Hampshire College when
it was founded (in 1965), and "this is said" to include a handwritten copy
of the Draft Report.  Michael Godfrey's introduction to the report
(Annals 15:4 p 27) says that Goldstine reported that his archive included
a manuscript copy.  I asked the Hampshire archivist about it six years
ago, and she said that they had only the mimeographed copy with the
June 30, 1945 date.  She said that the American Philosophical Society in
Philadelphia also had some of Goldstine's papers.  Has anyone looked for
a manuscript there?

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>A year or two ago, David Grier gave a nice talk at the Science Museum in
>London during which he mentioned having come across a manuscript of the
>First Draft in the Library of Congress. He didn't have a detailed reference
>for it, however. I contacted the Library of Congress, but they were unable
>to locate such a manuscript.
>If I remember correctly, Grier said the manuscript was in Herman
>Goldstine's handwriting and that Goldstine had, later in life, repeatedly
>claimed credit for drafting the document. This is slightly at odds with
>Goldstine's letter of 15 May 1945 to von Neumann, where he says ....

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